Tips on Knowing What Type of Plumber to Call for Your Household Problems

Most of us have the common misconception of plumbers doing everything related to water works, sewage and draining systems regardless of what type of vicinity and establishment that they are working on. This is where we are wrong. There are different types of plumbers that specializes in different types of plumbing works based on what they are focused on.

Now, this is a very “need to know” knowledge for us as homeowners, business moguls and basically everyone out there. We need to familiarize ourselves of the different types of plumbers and what particular services they can offer us. In general, there are three types of plumbers that we can choose from. Below is a quick guide as to what they specialize in and how they function as such.

  • Service and Repair Plumbers

Service and Repair plumbers are our usual “go-to” plumbers when t comes to household problems and issues. They are specialized in knowing the ins and outs of our houses’ water piping system and drainage.

They have also gone through extensive training and education so that they can give their optimal service and provide satisfactory outcome with each job they are haired to do. In addition, they are more of the “personal” and “communicative” plumbers because they directly converse with their client. This type of interaction makes them more of a “go to” person because of their client-plumber bond and.

As for their specialties, they can go from as simple as fixing a clogged pipe to trying to figure out why your water pressure is weak. Any problem that you encounter at home, these plumbers are well equipped and trained to handle it.

Of course, when we talk about the pay for these plumbers, it will all depend on the type and severity of job that you assign them to. But basically, their fees can more or less play around these digits:

  • Average cost to hire a Service and Repair plumber– $140-$455

  • Cost per hour– $45-$150

  • Based on Type of Work:

    • Installation or Repair of Toilet– $224-$538
    • Clearing a Clogged Drain-$127-$283
    • Repair a Drain Line Breakage-$230-$938
    • Clean a Sewer Line-$157-$430
    • Installation of New Plumbing Pipes-$352-$1,764

These are just some of the basic problems and projects that service and repair plumbers can offer and the average price that it will cost. Of course this can differ depending on the severity of the problem or the extent and difficulty of the project that they will do.

  • Residential Plumbers

Residential plumbers are those plumbers that you hire when you are just building your dream home. They are the ones who make up and plan your home’s water system and drainage. But they are not trained and experiment when it comes to repair and other services that you might need after your hose has been built.

These type of plumbers also work in an eight hour shift and specialize in floor plans and layouts. They gain their experience based on the different projects specified for residential jobs. Their price range also depends on the type and difficulty of the job you will give them. Here are some of the most common projects that they tackle:


  • Cost Per Hour-$95-$103

  • Piping and Drainage Foundation Installation-$2,000-$10,000

  • Bathroom Project-$5,910-$13,835

  • Water Heater Plan and Installation-$729-$1,317

  • Laundry Room Water Supply Project-$1,513-$4,820


  • Commercial Plumbers

Commercial Plumbers tend to tackle even bigger projects as compared to residential plumbers. They are known for gaining their experience and assisting in large public plumbing system projects. Example of these so-called projects include the following:

  • Hospitals

  • Schools

  • High Rise Commercial Buildings

  • Groceries

  • Shopping Centers

Usually, they are called to handle large scale plumbing and drainage problems that are usually resolved with the use of large industrial equipment. In comparison, regular service and repair plumbers cannot do what these commercial plumbers d because they are not fully knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to big scale plumbing issues.

As for their cost, they vary on the type of job they will handle but overall this is their cost:

  • Cost Per Hour (including parts and material)-$100

It is definitely good to know who you will call especially if you want the best services that your hard earned money can offer. This will not only assure you of a job well done, but it will also give you a peace of mind knowing that your home, business or dream project are in good hands.